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Welcome to Alternative Mobile Veterinary Service

Pavel Mihok, DVM, affectionately known as Dr. Paul, provides integrated veterinary services in New York to the Metro Area, Westchester, Hudson Valley and The Berkshires all in the comfort of your home!  Traditional Chinese Medicine and Conventional Veterinary Medicine can be given to your pet in a relaxed environment such as your living room or kitchen.  Dr. Paul feels this is an advantage for your loving companion to avoid what can be a stressful office visit. 

By combining the use of both Western and Eastern Medicine Dr. Paul hopes to bring many healthful and harmonious years to your companion.  If your pet has signs of discomfort, chronic illness, a recent surgery or you would like to optimize their health call today to book an appointment.  It is amazing in today's world how many of our pets are affected by stress, allergies, environmental toxins and chronic illness.  Why don't you explore the use of Dr. Paul's integrated services to heal your ailing pet.




Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, includes such treatments as acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal remedies.  Let Dr. Paul formulate an herbal remedy for your pet's optimal health.


Conventional Veterinary Medicine, CVM,  may constitute the use of antibiotics.  Blood tests can be performed just as they would be in an veterinary office.  Some test can even be performed at your home.  Based on the results you and Dr. Paul can discuss what is the best route of treatment for your pet.